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You are responsable for the health of your lake, revegetate your shoreline.






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Be careful, our lake is in difficulty and it loses its beautiful "feathers".  If you understand french See this report that is sobering and should encourage us to change our habits in order to stop its degradation.  

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A request was sent in June 2009 to the Municipality of Bouchette to officially recognize "Grand Lac Rond" as the official name of our lake and to modify the road signs accordingly. A similar request was sent to the municipality of Ste-Thérèse. Both municipalities have accepted the name  "Grand Lac Rond" and road signs have been modified.   The official name of the lake according to the Commission de toponymie du Québec is Grand Lac Rond. However, the name Roddick is still in use especially with anglophone vacationers who have always known the name under Roddick and little under the name Grand Lac Rond. The usual name for Francophones for years has been Lac Rond. However, since Lac des Pères was named Petit Lac Rond, the request that was sent to the Quebec Toponymy Commission in 1979 by the Municipality of Bouchette was to give the name Grand Lac Rond to the lake. Since then, it's the official name of the lake.   Grand Lac Rond is located on the territory of the MRC de la Vallée-de-la-Gatineau. The lake touches two municipalities, namely Bouchette and Sainte-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau. It is approximately 135 km north of the city of Gatineau via Route 105 and 24 km south of the town of Maniwaki. The lake is 7 km west of Highway 105. Its geographical coordinates are 46 ° 14'32.149 latitude and -75 ° 53'29.96 longitude. The Grand Lac Rond has an original north-south shape and consists of two large bodies of water constricted in the center by a narrow water corridor. Its area is 570 hectares. On the natural boundaries side, the Grand Lac Rond watershed is part of the Thirthy-One Mille lake landfill included in the Gatineau River watershed. It is a resort-style resort in which a large number of human activities, mainly fishing, are practiced. Since the 1970s, banks have heavily privatized directly involving the construction of many infrastructures such as buildings, septic tanks, wharves, access roads, which directly influence the quality of the lake.  There are no public access to the water.  Boat lauching can be done via a descent of pay-launch located on the Camping Paul
The health of my responsibility!