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You are responsable for the health of your lake, revegetate your shoreline.






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Be careful, our lake is in difficulty and it loses its beautiful "feathers".  If you understand french See this report that is sobering and should encourage us to change our habits in order to stop its degradation.  

General Meeting 2022 - MINUTES



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  • A new weapon in the fight against
  • Fireworks: Their Impact on the
  • Minutes of General meeting of July 14,



The best way to support the Association is to become a member.

Members in good standing have the following privileges:

  • Vote at the General Assembly,
  • Receive newsletters
  • Unlimited access to this website where you will find:
  • bathing water testing;
  • water clarity tests;
  • physico-chemical water tests of the two RSVL stations on the lake measuring total phosphorus, chlorophyll and dissolved organic carbon;
  • list of members; And,
  • weekly water level monitoring report,
  • Portrait of the lake as well as a multitude of environmental information,
  • Pictures,
  • Newsletter,
  • Activities around the lake,
  • Follow-up of files with municipalities and others.

The annual cost of membership is $25. Included in this amount is 88¢ of transaction fees. Your membership will therefore bring $24.22 to your Association. Membership is valid for one year from January 1 to December 31. Receipts for tax purposes are given on request at the annual meeting. To purchase a membership, click on this link.


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