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You are responsable for the health of your lake, revegetate your shoreline.






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Be careful, our lake is in difficulty and it loses its beautiful "feathers".  If you understand french See this report that is sobering and should encourage us to change our habits in order to stop its degradation.  

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Used water treatment
July 2010
Important Information 
The municipality of Bouchette has taken bulls by the horns by hiring a Project Manager responsible to complete the PAPA program.  This program was sponsored by the gov. of Québec to address the Blue Algae problem in the lakes Chalifoux, Cameron and Edja.  90 septic systems were inadequate and had to be fixed.  The Project Manager took the job and treated all of them during the summer.  The Bouchette council decided to keep the Manager and mandated him to start inspecting the systems of other lakes of the municality which were not affected by blue algae. Congratulations  and thank you to the Municipality of Bouchette for taking care of our lakes this way
June 2009
A request was sent to Bouchette eand Ste Thérèse to have them confirm that all trailers around the lake had adequate sceptic installations.
Good news -
The treatment centre in Kaz is becoming operational.  For more details see the Services of the Main Page
The health of my responsibility!