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You are responsable for the health of your lake, revegetate your shoreline.






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Be careful, our lake is in difficulty and it loses its beautiful "feathers".  If you understand french See this report that is sobering and should encourage us to change our habits in order to stop its degradation.  

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Shoreline revegetation
The MRC Valée de la Gatineau has adopted an interim by-law enforced in August 2009 to ensure that the shores of our lakes are entirely renaturalized within the next few years. Although not well defined the role of Lake Associations such as ours is very important. In summary the by-law states that the shores of lakes and rivers (from 10 to 15 metres depending on the slope) must be left in their natural state.  In cases where the shore is not vegetated the property owner must restore the shore and plant trees and shrubs at the property owners expense. A strip of land with a maximum width of 5 metres is exempted to allow access to the waterfront. Note that a permit is required for all major re-vegetation work. 
You can contact the municipal inspector for more details or visit the MRC website:
Click here for a copy of the By-law: 
The health of my responsibility!