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You are responsable for the health of your lake, revegetate your shoreline.






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Be careful, our lake is in difficulty and it loses its beautiful "feathers".  If you understand french See this report that is sobering and should encourage us to change our habits in order to stop its degradation.  

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  • Fireworks: Their Impact on the
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Water Tests

July 24, 2023 Minister Benoit Charette thanks us for our participation in the RSVL - click to see the letter (french only)

Water Clarity and Physicochemicals via RSVL

Decrease in water clarity after 11 years of sampling via the RSVL
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The purpose of these tests is to be able to follow the evolution over time of the quality of the lake water. Tests have been carried out at two stations in Grand Lac Rond since 2011. Clarity tests using the Secchi disk are carried out every two weeks during the summer. Samples for physicochemical tests are taken once a year during the summer and are sent to the RSVL laboratory of the Quebec Ministry of the Environment for analysis. The results are on the Ministry's website in the RSVL section. Click here to go there.


Tests for reading dissolved oxygen at depth of the Grand Lac Rond with an Oximeter carried out in 2013 by ABVdes7 and the Association:

Tests for quality of water for swimming
 Légende des taux de coliformes utilisées dans les rapports ci-bas


Tests 2023
Tests 2022 
Tests 2021 
Tests 2020 (no test done)
Other tests:
Phosphate 2007 - none detected
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